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Man deployments are hard… They reek havoc on the military member and their families with no thought of the aftermath. You never know how vital your spouse is to the functionality of your household until they are far away and can only interject via email, and I don’t mean normal quick email. I mean slow decrepit email that takes days or weeks for a response because who knows if they are even receiving emails at this time. In typical deployment fashion Murphy’s Law goes into affect the minute the the deployment starts. If you aren’t sick, someone soon will be. If all of your appliances work, man I hope you have a back up plan (this includes all household units such as air conditioners and hot water heaters). If you’re a parent, you essentially become a single parent overnight gaining an instant appreciation for all single parents everywhere. If you know me, by nature I am a bit, um, OCD to say the least. I have to have a plan with a plan and another plan in place for that plan. Deployment scoffs at all of my plans. I have changed my mothers plane ticket twice ($200+) each time, let me say though there is no price put on the amount of help that she has given us. So far with 3 pets only one vet visit and hey that’s a win. Within two week of deployment starting we have had to change little dudes preschool due to as usual, unforeseen circumstances causing a whirlwind effect in our house that has brought in a whole new season here.

At first it seemed like an, oh my God disaster,  not ever two weeks after putting on my big girl deployment panties we have to change preschools, cut work hours, revamp our entire daily schedule to accommodate this new school, factor and squish in graduate school hours and assignments(yes dear neighbor because I am crazy), take a hard look at needs and wants, find a sitter to accommodate new working hours that not only work for me  and little dude but work for her as well (she’s a blessing by the way), and “where the hell am I going to find time to work out?!”  Yes, I know that the working out may seem trivial in all of the confusion but truly its the key to my success and for those of you who don’t know, one of my many goals is to have a very good grasp on my weight and my health before the hubs arrives home. With all these new changes that felt like a sudden sucker punch to the gut, I though “well hell, I am never going to be able to accomplish all of this?!”

After a big cry and an even bigger sulk, I put on my proverbial big girl panties and made a plan. What originally seemed like a giant punch in the face is now what I realize a beautiful blessing. Through all of the gunk I have have chosen to see how beautiful this new set up will be. I will be spending butt loads more time with this amazing little dude who is a combination of all the things I love about myself and my husband which keeps my love close to us even when he is away. With time management in place I can make more time for the things I love and need. Don’t get me wrong this is tough but I choose to make it work and I choose to make the best out of an otherwise blah situation because I choose to be a positive example for my little dude to grow up with.

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Climbing the ladder…..

Climbing the ladder…..

I rank advanced in one month!!! Man I have no words.. Well that’s not true, I always have words. Losing weight, getting healthy, starting new better habits, starting my own business and impacting others and all in 30 days! I never thought this one choice would bring me here. I would love to help you take a small step like I did and see all of these changes. Start small or start BIG but make a step in this direction and you will thank yourself. I have learned that the only thing that was holding me back was me. When I learned that, it all changed. Now I have more flexibility with my work hours, a growing business that gives me more time with my amazing kiddo, and I am proud that I can do this while helping others. I had tried everything to get on track with my health and NOTHING worked. UNTIL I found my coach with Beachbody. I picked a program that I wanted to do, I got my Shakeology and thought ok, now what. My self doubt crept back in and I thought “I’ll never finish this. I always start hard and never finish.” I already wanted to give up before I even started. Then my amazing coach stepped in with accountability, motivation, encouragement and support just for me. Not some generic crap but really FOR ME! I now, BAM I am a ninja kicking ass and taking names! The no one gets left behind and everyone matters mentality makes me want to pay it forward because this saved my life, my coach helped save my life and for that my family and I are forever grateful! I still have a long way to go but now I know I will get there. Hopefully along the way I will pick up other like me and they can continue or combine their journey with mine. Maybe that’s you. Maybe a loved one. Either way, I want you to know I have been there and you can make it. You can and will succeed as soon as you decide that NOW is your time. Drop me a line or your email and tell you’re ready and NOW is your time and we will get you there! Not ready for the public “OoooME”? I get it, you can always just send me an email and it will be our little secret 😉

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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

Let me start by saying that random acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed. To the coworker today that really, really wanted to go home but out of the kindness of her heart stayed anyway, voluntarily mind you, so that I could go home and spend time with my husband before he leaves next week, you have no idea how much that meant to me so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don’t believe there are enough words in the English language to explain how amazing it was to have the afternoon with my husband and all we did was nap together on the couch. Priceless, I promise you.

That being said it reminded me of something that struck a sour tone with me yesterday. I was going through my social media hoping to encourage others to join me in my wild journey to health and I saw a post that in all honesty, made me sad. They had seen a bumper sticker that was made to be a joke “don’t make fun of fat people, they may save your life one day” with a bear chasing an overweight individual and a more fit person leaving them behind to, I assume, be eaten by the bear. People make jokes, that’s totally there right, however this to me, is bullying. To the person posting this “cracking up” you’re not helping. You say you pride yourself on helping others to regain health. Yes, that is unquestionably admirable however, laughing at the expense of others, specific or not, is a form of bullying and goes against what you’re trying to accomplish all together. It is in bad taste to condone something that can make others feel inadequate for a laugh.

I have an amazing bunch of people in a group on my social media platform. The best part is, there is really no judgement. There are overweight members, thin members, athletic members and those who are in between. Each and every one of us has a different path, but the end goal to be happy and healthy is the same no matter how we get there. We all need different motivation, have different intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, and are going through different ups and downs that we are challenged with daily. The amazing thing, why I started the group in the first place, is that we can help one another gain confidence and motivation to reach these goals. All it takes is one person making small steps to make big changes but, the more support each step has the more momentum the journey gains. Before you know it, it has become of group of motivated likeminded souls heading toward amazing outcomes and boy will they be unstoppable! So, lift one another up because you never know how hard someone is fighting to stay afloat. You never know what may be the one negative comment that encourages them to give up. Give them your hand, help them up. You never know when the roles will be reversed.

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21 Day Fix Mix

Well today I started the 21Day Fix through beachbody and it is Amaz-balls! I’m still sitting here fixing my dinner trying to figure out where in the world I am going to come up with more food to eat because I haven’t even come close to all my containers. Ok, maybe close, but for me that’s a big freaking deal, still having calories left that I can eat at the end of the night. That’s when I am the most hungry so, bingo! I decided I am crazy too. Oh what does that mean you ask? That means I am still doing my TurboFire too!! Yep. I said it. CRAZY! I am tired in ever facet of my being and yet I feel FABULOUS!! I know I will feel fabulously SORE tomorrow but it’s the best kind, well almost (insert snicker here).

Oh, I am totally digging this “coaching thing”. I never, EVER, thought that I would like coaching or anything related to fitness for that matter. However, as it does happen (on rare occasion mind you, rare) I was very wrong. I absolutely love it. I love sharing my journey (I was terrified at first). I love getting to know people on a different level. I just love it. I can say that I feel like I am juggling a lot of balls in the air with the hubs being deployed for eight months (it is quickly approaching), a handful of a 3 year old, pets, my RN job, grad school, clinical rotations, and now coaching! Did I mention crazy before?! I do feel like I am finding my footing and getting organized thanks to some tools such as the book 30day PUSH and the book The Compound Effect. Let me tell you how important it has been to get organized. LIFESAVER! Need information boy do I have you covered from bookshelf to bookshelf (ie. book nerd). I am loving life, getting fit and hopefully bringing some people with me as I go!

21 day fix

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Holy Thighs Batman…..

Let’s start this entry with, man do my legs feel it today! Me and my staircase, not besties today at all. I am bringing new meaning to wobble wobble, shake it, shake it, and I am 200% sure, that is it is not in a wow that’s sexy kind of way. However, it’s in the good, man I worked my butt off yesterday. As my dear friend would say I have the “Sweet Pain Face”. I am so-o-o-r-r-e! I did Insanity Max: 30 and I say my friends, it is properly named. If you had told me 2 months ago, that I was going to do that yesterday I would have tried to have you committed. Seriously! I know a place! My hubs made the comment that “you must have had a leg day yesterday.” My arms replied with “speak for yourself buddy. Oh, wait, no, please don’t make me plank again?!!! WAIT!!!” Then we began TurboFire for the day which I am almost certain will move me into slow robot mode for any movements I attempt to accomplish tomorrow.


Yesterday I went to Super Saturday with my coach and friend to be inspired and man I left inspired by her definitely and many others.You never know what type of journey someone is on but, I promise you that everyone is on some kind of journey and has a struggle that is real for them. Knowing that they are not alone, knowing that they have support and people who GENUINELY care about their health and wellness and happiness is key to survival to some. Seeing these real people with real results and real life changes was amazing! So many amazing people with amazing stories. This made me feel extremely fortunate. I am blessed to have such amazing and supportive friends on this journey with me. You truly will never know just how much you all mean to me on this journey, and are key in it’s progress as well. So, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words and motivation and faith that I’ve got this. Word!

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My Week on Blast

This week has been good and bad. I have done new and amazing things like my first hike in Hawaii and had a horrible, no good, very bad, food day. All in all with 5 pounds lost making it a whopping 105 pounds left to go but hey, even slight progress is progress all the same.

Monday I accomplished my first hike here in Hawaii and intend to try and do one a week as there is so much beauty here to see. I hiked Makapuu Lighthouse Trail with a friend, and yes there may have been a time or two when puking was relatively high on my list of things to do but, A. I didn’t, B. I made it to the top anyway. Let me tell you how grateful I am for gravity in this instance as it makes the way down much more pleasurable on the nausea factor.


I got home with all of my energy and completed my TurboFire (yes, I am crazy) and had my ShakeO and a ton of water! I tried a new recipe that is Amazing! Cauliflower Fried Rice. Yes, it has been pointed out o me by my friends at work that this is not rice but it doesn’t make it any less De- Lish.

2015/01/img_1898.png2015/01/img_1887.jpgThe rest of the week is a blur with work ad getting my school books in and Dave coming off of leave but I got my work outs in. I had a bad pity me food day yesterday, I have said before BIG, HUGE, stress eater. Today, back on track with a two mile walk with my furbaby Kona and again my TurboFire!

I have a Super Saturday event to go to tomorrow with my BeachBody peeps and I am stoked to start my food prep off that way. Nothing motivates me to eat healthy and prep and plan that motivating results and inspiring people. Tomorrow I will get both. Oh, and to go to my new happy place Whole Foods.

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A Weekly Dose of Insanity

Well I have been going strong all week with a few glitches, mainly in the I like food too much department.  One of my fatal flaws is the ability to self sabotage. ” I did so well today, I deserve a treat. I did so bad today, who cares I’ll start over tomorrow but first let me eat everything insight, out of sight, and in my fridge! If I eat it all in the dark after everyone goes to bed, it doesn’t count, right?!” I know I am not the only one that has a billion excuses to flake out or binge but, I’m going to throw my dirty laundry out there so, hold your breath.

I had 2 really bad food days however, they are actually better than they would have been had I not been aware of the fact that I needed to broadcast my failures too. I also missed a work out on Thursday and started to beat myself up over it like usual, which would send me into an “I can’t do this. F- it!” spiral that would end in a massive food binge that would not only make me feel worse physically but tear me down mentally as well. Then I thought, “no way dude, we are breaking this cycle!” I got up yesterday morning and started my day off with my TurboFire workout and my Shakeology. I was sore but that didn’t stop me from doubling up and doing a PiYo workout before dinner to make up for it and push me in the right direction. Bam! Food is always going to be a battle for me but it’s one I intend to win.

Today is Zumba at 0915 and TurboFire after. I tell you what I am a tired elephant ballerina after them but feel energized if that makes sense.

One of the main reasons I did this was to hopefully one day inspire someone like me who started “in a land far, far away” from their goals like I am now and know that they are by no means the only one who has struggled with weight. I want them to know that they are not the only one who dreaded getting on the airplane because they would be a sardine or even going to the doctor because you know (sarcastically speaking) the only reason you could possibly have an ailment is because of your size. “No sir, I am sorry I had no idea that I was obese, I have a circus mirror at home that makes me delusional. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag.” I needed accountability to myself to be better because I am worth it and so is anyone else that needs a little push.

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